Sports Day

I really liked sports day. I am in Blue team the very best team, I participated in the 400 m ,  long jump , ball games and much more. I got 4 ribbons the type of ribbons I got was 4th place 1st place 3rd place and a pink ribbon that says well done. At the end of the sports day  Mrs Day called the winners I was all excited I was ready to get up and clap for the team and she said the winners 1st place Gold team 2nd was Blue team I was really happy when I heard our teams name. I was a bit sad that we did not come 1st place , but I thought to myself at least we came 2nd place. I really liked sports day.

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Interschool sports

I love Interschool sports. I am in Kickball and we have won four games and lost three games.

Every Friday we do Interschool sports , the first time we did Interschool sports ,   the

kickball team played it at the Bally Shannassy  park. In my team there are 10 students, now you might think Kickball is easy but i’m telling you Kickball is not easy. But all in all I really enjoy Interschool sports.

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About me

Hi my name is Kinulie. There are 3 members in my family, my mum my dad and myself. Things that i find interesting are doing swimming , doing dancing , doing crafts

, playing netball , reading books and playing piano. I find them interesting because some of them are active, make you busy and makes you enjoy it . The things that I make myself active are swimming, netball , dancing i get really tired at the end of the day but i enjoy it a lot. My most favorite thing to do is doing craft because you make what ever you want to and you get to express yourself.