Anzac day

Hi everyone

On the 24 April our school our school commemorate all the Anzacs. We remember all the Anzacs who fought our country. I felt really sad because we looked at all the Anzacs that went to the war and some kids brought some medals and some hats. They was a lady called Anna Berke and she presented a new flag for our school.

Anzac day was on that 25 of April. Myself and my parents  was going to go to the drawn service but we had something on that day so we didn’t get a opportunity  to go , but we did do the 1minte silence witch was good.

My interest in drawing

Hi everyone I will be telling you about my interest in drawing. I have an interest in drawing because you get to learn to draw new things and you get to express yourself in what you can do. Sometimes when you draw you get to teach people how to draw particular pictures. I also like drawing because you get to also find out who drew that particular picture and who the artist was.

Do you have a interest in drawing ?

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My first Holiday in 2015

During my last school holiday, I spent few days with my cousin. I had a great time and I shall never forget it.

After a few days my cousin came to my place and I was delighted to have her with me. Because  I  had so many ideas in my head to entertain her during her stay with me. Few of them were going to roller-skating , going to science works exhibition , make dance video , and bike riding. It was enjoyable and we didn’t feel time pass.

Easter brake fell on this school holiday. It was exciting. The best thing was I got to spend valuable time with my parents as they were on holidays.

It was a short brake and enjoyable.