Learning goals


This term we have been doing some learning goals. One of my learning goals are to make my writing a bit faster, and to give my homework in time. I think learning goals are important because  you are trying to achieve some thing and when achieve your goal you feel really happy and you fell so proud of yourself because you have tried your best and you have done it. I want to achieve in writing faster because when I write it is a bit slow and I don’t get my work finished .  I also want to give my homework in time because some times I leave my homework to the last minute and I feel stressed on the last week. The thing that I really like is that on every Monday we all share our goal for the week. The  ways  I think I can improve in my writing are to concentrate in what I am really doing so I can write faster , the way that I think I can improve in giving my homework in time are to do a task each and every night.

Do you have a goal that you really need to work on ?


3 thoughts on “Learning goals

  1. Yes Kinulie, I have a goal! I need to organise my desk! You have thought carefully about your goals and I feel sure you will succeed this week. keep up the great effort you put into your work and thank you for always having a positive attitude at school.

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