My Interest in loom bands


I have a growing passion towards loom band craft . I started off with making little things like rings, friendship bracelets and much more. Then I had a mind blowing idea to make a iPad cover,  It took a little while for me to make ,but I had the patience till the end. When I finished making my iPad cover I felt really happy because it was really hard to do. The iPad cover was the first advanced thing I had done. So that was about my interest in loom bands.

Do you have a interest in loom bands?

2 thoughts on “My Interest in loom bands

  1. Congratulations Kinulie on your fantastic blog. You have written some amazing things and so I have it really interesting. Thank you.
    Keep working on your learning goals – they are important to you and so try your very best at achieving them.
    Congratulations on the way that you come to school. You always seem happy and eager to learn. Well done.

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