Term 3

Hi everyone

I am really looking forward for term 3. This term in inquiry we will be doing science which I am really looking forward to it . This term I want to concentrate on Math and science and I want to try my very best in it and not to give up.  What I am  looking forward in this term  is the concert because we get to dance and we get to decide what we are going to wear.

Some of my goals for this term is  to recheck my writing and to put a lot of punctuation into it. Also a few days ago the Deakin students came and we  got separated into 6 groups, I was with Mia , Katrina, Jorell , Benedict and myself the teachers that was in our group were Mr. Sires and Mr. Davies . Our subject for this week is about planets which I am so interested in.

What are you looking forward for this term?