Hi everyone,

In this term the Seniors and the middles are concentrating on Science. We got to chose out of Natural Disasters , Space , Food chain and Animal Adaptation and I  was really fascinated in  Natural Disaster  so I chose it , I am really looking forward to it . My topic is Earthquakes and I am so interested in doing it , I would like to show you a video of  some earthquakes and how they can destroy houses. Hope you like it. 🙂


Random acts of kindness

Hi everyone,

In my class we have been looking at random acts of kindness videos.  I will like to share you a random act of kindness video and I hope you will understand what it means and why is it nice to do it. 🙂


3d shapes


Hi everyone ,

I decided to show you a video on how to draw 3d shapes because in my class we are concentrating on 3d shapes. So here is the video, hope you enjoy. 🙂

I hope you learnt a lot about that video.

So what was your favourite shape?    🙂