School concert

Hi everyone,

On Wednesday the 7th of October our school held a concert and it was a stunning performance. Our theme was traveling and all the classes from prep to grade 6 were performed two dances.  The songs were New York, On the road again, I’m on the way, La La,  Waka Waka, Fly away, Run to the jungle, Maps, Rome, On the road Jack and  Born to be wild. Our class presented New York , On the road again and I’m on the way. Our costumes were beautiful and very attractive. The best bit of the concert was every bodies participation and parents, visitors were really happy. We tendered special thanks for some parents for giving their support in making the costumes and sacrificing their own time to make the concert successful. Especial thanks were given to Mrs. Theo for organizing the hole concert and putting up her own time to make the concert very attractive. We also thanked the all our other teachers for helping us with the costumes and supporting us with everything and also a big thank to Mr.G as well because his inspiration and help in order to organize the concert. We should not forget that he did some very good acting too. We also had a teachers dance  it was hilarious and the audience loved it. I believe that everyone loved the concert and I would be  very delightful to do it again.

bye for now. 🙂

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