Alphabetical poem




Dirty bowls


Fun but messy a

Great thing to do

Having a hair net is always good

International cooking would be a great idea

Just hurry up and sign up already

Keep going and try your best

Laughter always brings up jolly

Neither eating or munching to

Music always entertains me

Oranges will never suite

Personally cooking is very fun

Quincy the minch won the competion

Runnig  is now my favorite hobbie

Starting one is very hard

Telling people I liked baking was a bit embarrasing but it was a worth of a try

Utentils are used for baking but at times it is annoying

Very important to know that no ones perfect in baking

Wait we forget

X-mas is the best time to bake  cakes

Yummy food is always on the way little

Zest will add extra flavor to the baking.


I hope you liked my poem 🙂




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