Refelection of learning

Hi everyone,

The last fortnight had been awesome becuase we had lots of activites on and sometimes it had been quite and peaceful which was great.  I have learnt so many things I don’t even know where to start, but the best  thing about it is that  it  was interesting and fun to do. In Maths we were mainly looking at Bodmass, at the start I found it was bit hard but as I was looking trough it I started to find it a bit easier for me to do.  We also learnt different types of poems and they were really enjoyable to do. Some of the poems we looked at were Haiku, Abc, Allitaration .My favorite one was Abc becuase every word you start with has to be a word from the alphebet which is a bit hard but at the same time it was fun. I also found a new one which is called a Limerick poem and I highly recommend you to find some poems and reaserch on them becuase I’m telling you now that they are really enjoyable.

I have dicovered lots of subjects like doing African masks , they look really nice and cool when they finished and I totaly recommend you to have a try in doing some African masks.  I had a fabulous forghnight and I’m looking towards for next week.

Bye 🙂

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