My 100 word challenge

Hi everyone,

I will be doing a 100 word challenge for you and my prompt  is ”She  just wouldn’t stop crying”, I hope you like it.

As Amanda was walking through the hall way she stopped and looked at this sigh that said ”Do you have the confidence to have your own solo and perform in the concert.” As usual if you didn’t know Amanda would tell me a thousand times as we exit the building, and of course I would be bored out of my brain so myself and Amanda went to the office and asked Tina  if we could have a solo. Unfortunately she said a big fat giant No !!!  and Amanda got red  that  she just wouldn’t stop crying.

Bye 🙂

Refelection of learning

Hi everyone,

The last fortnight had been awesome becuase we had lots of activites on and sometimes it had been quite and peaceful which was great.  I have learnt so many things I don’t even know where to start, but the best  thing about it is that  it  was interesting and fun to do. In Maths we were mainly looking at Bodmass, at the start I found it was bit hard but as I was looking trough it I started to find it a bit easier for me to do.  We also learnt different types of poems and they were really enjoyable to do. Some of the poems we looked at were Haiku, Abc, Allitaration .My favorite one was Abc becuase every word you start with has to be a word from the alphebet which is a bit hard but at the same time it was fun. I also found a new one which is called a Limerick poem and I highly recommend you to find some poems and reaserch on them becuase I’m telling you now that they are really enjoyable.

I have dicovered lots of subjects like doing African masks , they look really nice and cool when they finished and I totaly recommend you to have a try in doing some African masks.  I had a fabulous forghnight and I’m looking towards for next week.

Bye 🙂

Alphabetical poem




Dirty bowls


Fun but messy a

Great thing to do

Having a hair net is always good

International cooking would be a great idea

Just hurry up and sign up already

Keep going and try your best

Laughter always brings up jolly

Neither eating or munching to

Music always entertains me

Oranges will never suite

Personally cooking is very fun

Quincy the minch won the competion

Runnig  is now my favorite hobbie

Starting one is very hard

Telling people I liked baking was a bit embarrasing but it was a worth of a try

Utentils are used for baking but at times it is annoying

Very important to know that no ones perfect in baking

Wait we forget

X-mas is the best time to bake  cakes

Yummy food is always on the way little

Zest will add extra flavor to the baking.


I hope you liked my poem 🙂




School concert

Hi everyone,

On Wednesday the 7th of October our school held a concert and it was a stunning performance. Our theme was traveling and all the classes from prep to grade 6 were performed two dances.  The songs were New York, On the road again, I’m on the way, La La,  Waka Waka, Fly away, Run to the jungle, Maps, Rome, On the road Jack and  Born to be wild. Our class presented New York , On the road again and I’m on the way. Our costumes were beautiful and very attractive. The best bit of the concert was every bodies participation and parents, visitors were really happy. We tendered special thanks for some parents for giving their support in making the costumes and sacrificing their own time to make the concert successful. Especial thanks were given to Mrs. Theo for organizing the hole concert and putting up her own time to make the concert very attractive. We also thanked the all our other teachers for helping us with the costumes and supporting us with everything and also a big thank to Mr.G as well because his inspiration and help in order to organize the concert. We should not forget that he did some very good acting too. We also had a teachers dance  it was hilarious and the audience loved it. I believe that everyone loved the concert and I would be  very delightful to do it again.

bye for now. 🙂

Tsunami Facts

Hi everyone, today I will like to share with you some of my facts that I have learnt about Tsunamis. You are most welcome to share with you family and friends, so here are some facts.

1- Tsunami waves can travel with a speed of 600 miles per hour which is the same speed as a jet plane.

2- Only once a year in different countries there is a tsunami happening and it could happen at any time.

3- Every tsunami waves have different heights and some stay longer than others.

I hope you have learnt some facts about tsunamis . Get ready for my next post. Bye for now.:)



Hi everyone,

In this term the Seniors and the middles are concentrating on Science. We got to chose out of Natural Disasters , Space , Food chain and Animal Adaptation and I  was really fascinated in  Natural Disaster  so I chose it , I am really looking forward to it . My topic is Earthquakes and I am so interested in doing it , I would like to show you a video of  some earthquakes and how they can destroy houses. Hope you like it. 🙂


Random acts of kindness

Hi everyone,

In my class we have been looking at random acts of kindness videos.  I will like to share you a random act of kindness video and I hope you will understand what it means and why is it nice to do it. 🙂


3d shapes


Hi everyone ,

I decided to show you a video on how to draw 3d shapes because in my class we are concentrating on 3d shapes. So here is the video, hope you enjoy. 🙂

I hope you learnt a lot about that video.

So what was your favourite shape?    🙂


Term 3

Hi everyone

I am really looking forward for term 3. This term in inquiry we will be doing science which I am really looking forward to it . This term I want to concentrate on Math and science and I want to try my very best in it and not to give up.  What I am  looking forward in this term  is the concert because we get to dance and we get to decide what we are going to wear.

Some of my goals for this term is  to recheck my writing and to put a lot of punctuation into it. Also a few days ago the Deakin students came and we  got separated into 6 groups, I was with Mia , Katrina, Jorell , Benedict and myself the teachers that was in our group were Mr. Sires and Mr. Davies . Our subject for this week is about planets which I am so interested in.

What are you looking forward for this term?