My 3rd 100 word challenge

I was just playing outside when I saw something, I stopped and just took one step towards the mystery bush . This was very quiet but suddenly something just came running to me and said no!!!!! don’t go in there you will be vanished forever. I didn’t believe her  so I was brave to look in the mystery bush that everyone says ,  but there was nothing inside. So she wanted to prove it to me, then she went inside and all at once she fell over. I was screaming so hard, because I was so scared that  something would happen to me.

My 2nd 100 word challenge

I was just walking along the pathway when I heard something, I felt like it behind my my back and I thought it was following me. I din’t know what it was and I din’t want to look because I was just so petrified that something bad would happen , but then a person came out of a bush and said look out! so I turned and I saw this weird horrible thing it was just so big . Then I screamed so loud that my mouth was so tired and then….

Some of my favorite books are…

Some of the books I really like are Smile, Wonder and Dork diary’s. The reasons I like these books is because it takes you into another world. The fist favorite book I like is Smile because it sometimes makes you think a situation that you had been like the person in the book and because it makes you laugh so badly that you would feel so tired after. The second book that I really enjoy is Wonder because it is emotional and it is  humorous to read and it is a really good book to enjoy. The third and last book I really like is Dork Diary’s because it is about a girl who writes her whole life in a book and becuase it is so great to read in your spare time.  I absolutely recommend you to read these books because I now know you will really like these books after telling my experience about these books. Here are some pictures of  my favorite books.



My Interest in loom bands


I have a growing passion towards loom band craft . I started off with making little things like rings, friendship bracelets and much more. Then I had a mind blowing idea to make a iPad cover,  It took a little while for me to make ,but I had the patience till the end. When I finished making my iPad cover I felt really happy because it was really hard to do. The iPad cover was the first advanced thing I had done. So that was about my interest in loom bands.

Do you have a interest in loom bands?

My dream of having a meal at Pancake Parlor


Wow! what a great time I just had . I had a dream of going to the Pancake Parlor and I kept reminding my Dad to go, and today was the day that my dream came true. We went to the one in the city and  I ordered a chocolate Jubilee Pancake and Wow! that was fantastic, my Mum and Dad ordered a ice-cream flavored Pancake and they enjoyed it too. So that was my experience at the Pancake Parlor.

Would you like to go to the Pancake Parlor and enjoy the lovely Pancakes ?

100 word challenge

A glimpse of hope.

As the wind gushed through my cheeks and as the sky turned grey they could sense that something bad was going to happen. Someone screamed TSUNAMI! As they looked behind in shock they saw a wave bigger than a four story house. They ran faster than they ever could, as they turned the corner they could feel the rain pouring on them. They could see people disappearing into the wave they were petrified they thought to themselves, is this end? Deep down they felt a glimpse of hope, but they had to slow down they had to stop, they froze…


Learning goals


This term we have been doing some learning goals. One of my learning goals are to make my writing a bit faster, and to give my homework in time. I think learning goals are important because  you are trying to achieve some thing and when achieve your goal you feel really happy and you fell so proud of yourself because you have tried your best and you have done it. I want to achieve in writing faster because when I write it is a bit slow and I don’t get my work finished .  I also want to give my homework in time because some times I leave my homework to the last minute and I feel stressed on the last week. The thing that I really like is that on every Monday we all share our goal for the week. The  ways  I think I can improve in my writing are to concentrate in what I am really doing so I can write faster , the way that I think I can improve in giving my homework in time are to do a task each and every night.

Do you have a goal that you really need to work on ?


My interest in Netball


I will be telling you why I like Netball. Netball is a fun game to play because I get an opportunity to make friends and build up good relationship with the team. And also playing Netball keeps me healthy and fit, not only that I get to know how to face win and loose.

What is your favorite sport ?